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Si este auto choca,
Si el mundo explota,
Te quiero.
Si tu avión se cae,
Aunque me disparen,
Yo te quiero.
-Alex Anwandter (via fcknprfc)

(vía lookporn)

Tumblr Themes Yo no tengo un “tipo de persona” Si me gustas, me gustas y punto. Y si me gustas eres especial, porque yo odio a todo el mundo.

(Fuente: autremondeimagination, vía blueberries-awesome)

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Asexuality is an orientation in which a person does not experience sexual attraction to any sex and/or gender. They do not feel an intrinsic desire to make sex a part of their relationships with other people. However they may still be able to experience other types of attraction, and desire relationships with other people.
Check out the following websites to learn more about asexuality, join in on the community, and/or help increase asexual visibility and education.
Asexual Visibility and Education Network
International Asexuality Conference(Worldpride Toronto 2014 Affiliate Event) (June 28, 2014)
Asexual Things (asexual vis/ed tumblr blog)
Frequently Asked Questions
Asexuality Websites/Blogs/etc

Reblog and boost, as my sister is asexual and is almost never understood.
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